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We've all been there, you're playing a game with friends and family - whether it's corn hole or ping pong or even a board game - and the argument begins...

What's the score?

9-8, us.

No way, it was just 6-8 a minute ago. I'm telling you, we've got at least 10 points.

Stop cheating. We've been winning the whole time!

And just like that, your fun activity devolves into an ugly argument.

ScoreRef prevents these disagreements by providing a user-friendly web-based platform to keep score for any game. You just launch the web app (link to Start Scoring), enter player names and easily record points.

You, your family and friends can focus on fun and leave the scoring to us.

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ScoreRef FAQs

How many people's scores can ScoreRef track per game?

All of them. ScoreRef is designed to support a limitless number of players.

Why does my friend Geoff always cheat?

Geoff is most likely a bad person. You should stop playing games with him immediately and call the authorities.

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